Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quick Update

I do have a lot to update on as this was our first week back from Conductive Learning Center. If anyone from there is reading this......I wish you guys the best of luck in the school, it seemed really cool, and it was great to see everyone making strides. As I stated in prior blogging, you just have to mentally be ready to accept things and I don't think right now I am.

This won't be a long post as I still am trying to gather all my thoughts on what has happened in the past week with Daniel, family and relationships. But will post more on that later.
We have continued to give Daniel 1 tsp. of Omega 3-6-9 (liquid lemon fish oil) and whether it be just a huge coinkee-dink (coincidence) that he all of a sudden went from babbling a few times a week to A TON all day. And its like he is carrying on a conversation with you. He'll do his "Oyede oye, doooooo" and I'll respond with "Oh really now, ya don't say" and he'll go on with another line of jibber-jabber, stop and look at me like are you going to answer me? so I will respond again and this little "ping-pong" conversation goes on and on for a good five minutes. Hes trying to say something, and he is proud of himself too. Its cute because you can hear the inflection in his voice. So kudos to the yahoo apraxia support group that gave me the idea of fish oil.

On another third daughter Brittany, oh my, is done with high school. She had her prom this past Friday night, and she was beautiful. I am so very proud of her. She will be leaving us in a few months to go to Central Michigan where she will start another part of her life. Not looking forward to that day.

And another note: My first daughter Caitlin, oh how she makes me feel so old! She is looking into buying her own house. UUGH. She is a wonderful preschool teacher, and during the summer a perfect nanny.

And another note: My second daughter- about making me feel Grandma old. Enough said! Will update more in a few months on this topic.

And then there is my baby girl Victoria- only a few days left of her "junior high years" and she is on to high school. Where she is going to be in honors classes up the ya zoo.......Good job Tori! Where did my baby girl go?

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