Thursday, May 3, 2007

Catch up time......

Lets see what has been happening?!

Victoria left for a week to Washington D.C. on a school field trip. Excuse me? when I was growing up we went to the zoo......what the heck!

Daniel got his TheraTogs. He didn't much like getting them fitted, but once we got them all on he was fit as a fiddle and doesn't mind wearing them at all. I suspect that during the summer he won't like them too much. Seems that they will get very hot, and make him sweaty.

Here are a few pictures of Daniel with his TheraTogs on. We can't decide whether to call him "Super Velcro Boy", or "Super Baby". In all his garb, he reminds me of a super hero.

The reason for TheraTogs? It helps with improving his trunk stability and control, posture and balance. TheraTogs are like a second skin, they fit snug against the skin. They act as a "second-pair of hands" for the therapists. The TheraTogs are made of a stretchy fabric, velcro and elastic straps. The provide vertical stiffness to reinforce stability and lateral flexibility with mild compression.

Also, last week Daniel also got his electro machine...this gives him shocks through his muscles (which ever ones we put the electrodes on) this helps him to become more aware of his muscles and strengthens them. We haven't used it much this past week because of the seizure that we believe he had. But we will start it back up again next week.

On Saturday, Daniel will be admitted into the hospital AGAIN for this 4th 24hr video EEG in a little over a year. I don't mind the test as much as I HATE, let me repeat, HATE that he has to be tied down to a bed for approximately 45 minutes screaming because he is scared and doesn't remember what the hell is going on. And oh did I mention that NONE of the technicians show any sense of urgency to get the process done quickly. NOPE they sit there and try to carry on a conversation with you like there isn't a little boy strapped to a bed screaming his head off, can't catch his breath, and is scared. HURRY UP YOU ASSMUNCH! HA HA HA listen to me, I'm acting like it just happened and it hasn't even happened YET. I guess past experience is rearing its ugly little head.

Sunday.......we're off the Grand Rapids Conductive Learning Center.......stay tuned for daily updates with pictures and all!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I will miss you so much while you are gone... I really will. I hope that you guys have lots of fun and learn lots of stuff. Remember to bring home lots of information!

Love you