Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tomorrow we go to visit the Conductive Learning Center to see if this is something we want to try with Daniel. I am really hoping it is what I expect it to be. I have heard a lot of good things about it, and hopefully it will fit for Daniel.
Uncle Steve is out of the hospital and seems to be doing well. Yeah Uncle Steve.
Cory from Uof M will be bring a feeding chair for Daniel on May 2nd. Hopefully this will help him when eating so that he doesn't aspirate. It should also give him more truck support which should help him to be able to use him arms and feed himself better.
Daniel is doing really good with the therapies lately. He is using his arms better in OT, his feeding is going well (ST) (his chewing and swallowing), and he is doing spectacular in PT. He has tried out a new walker that basically suspends him, its a pretty big contraption but it seems to give him his freedom. He will also be getting his Electro-Stim machine (TENS) next week. These are little electrodes that will be placed on his back. It will send little impluses to his muscles and make them contract every few seconds. This should help strengthen his muscles in his truck which is his weakest part.

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