Friday, April 13, 2007

Grand Rapids.. Conductive Learning Center

We're on our way........
We've been there and back!! Wow that is a long drive. about 160 miles and a little over 2 hours!
We met with the Program Director,
Andrea Benyovszky. She evaluated Daniel, and we have decided that Daniel will be using some of his fundraising money to go for a semester to the Parent and Child Group. We aren't sure which semester we are going to attend. It will either be at the beginning of May or the beginning of September. We also are trying to coordinate it so that we are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. But they only allow 6 families from CLC to stay at the house at one time. We are opting for the Ronald House because it is WAY cheaper then getting a hotel for 4 weeks. So Daniel and I will be off to Grand Rapid to live during the week and we'll be home on the weekends, (or maybe we can talk the rest of the family to come visit us there!).

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