Monday, September 29, 2014


Daniel continues to amaze me with how awesome he is.  Its been quite a while since we've used this blog, things have mainly been updated on Facebook.  I guess times change.  So I figured I'd do a quick update here.

January 2014 Daniel was introduced to a group of people from The Chive.  Actually the Michigan Chive chapter have basically adopted Daniel!  They were able to raise money to help us get Daniel an adaptive wheelchair van.

We've had a busy summer!  He has participated in a few runs with MyTeam Triumph in West Michigan.  We even did two triathlons!  Not too shabby eh?

October holds another exciting part of Daniel's journey.  He will be getting a therapy/service dog. His name is Kalani and we are super excited to have him join our family and help out Daniel in whatever ways he can.

Daniel also started 3rd grade, but had to be pulled out of school for an upcoming surgery to his right hip.  He had the left hip done in 2012 and it was a terribly rough 6 months.  We are hoping because he is older that this one won't be as horrendous.  Basically they will be rebuilding his pelvic socket and cutting the femur and rotating it and fixing it into the new socket that is built.  Currently his hip is out of socket but he does not appear to be in any pain.  His surgery is scheduled for January 2015, but is now home schooled to insure he does not get sick between now and January.  He has a poor immune system and if someone sneezed around the block - he usually catches it!

So that is where we are currently!

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